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Heat pumps are the key to every HVAC system. Your pump makes your unit function properly so that you can enjoy a comfortable climate. They draw in air from outside and then emit the air's hot or cool energy into your home.

When your heating or cooling system fails to work, it could be time for a new heat pump installation. Why Pay More HVAC, LLC can install brand-new heat pumps on any system you have, providing comfort for everyone inside your home or business.

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Control the climate in every room with mini-split systems

Old properties that don't have duct systems can have a hard time with heating and cooling. Fortunately, a mini-split heat pump system can be the answer. These ductless units come with a wealth of benefits, including:


  • Avoiding costly duct add-ons at your property
  • Cost savings compared to other heating and cooling units
  • Temperature control for each room that has a mini-split installed




Make the air in your home feel perfect. Hire Why Pay More HVAC to install a mini-split heat pump at your Bethlehem or Easton, PA home or business today.